Bringing Meili Home - Our Adoption Journey

You are watching a 15 minute synopsis of our two-week journey to China to bring our new daughter, Meili Jiang Wenhui Davenport, home.

Our journey began by flying into Beijing late on a Friday night followed by two days of sightseeing around the Beijing metropolitan area (China wants each adoptive parent to have a strong understanding of the Chinese culture before adopting one of their children). We visited the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the great Wall of China before boarding a plane to Nanjing to pick up Meili early Monday morning.

After arriving in Nanjing, within a few hours we were taken to the Civil Affairs office in Nanjing to pick up Meili - what a whirlwind! We spent the next 4 days in Nanjing getting to know Meili and waiting for the proper paperwork to be filed. In that time we fell in love with the beauty of Nanjing, visited the Ming Dynasty Tombs and walked along the old towering city walls. We also visited a few museums and explored the streets surrounding our hotel before boarding another plane on Friday to fly to Guangzhou for the final medical check-up and paperwork.

The United States Consulate is in Guangzhou so it was there we finally got Meili's official documentation that allowed us to bring her home. We spent 4 restless days in Guangzhou, anxious to get back home to our other children in Georgia before finally getting all the approved paperwork and boarding another plane home. Guangzhou to Beijing to JFK (New York) to Atlanta and our family was whole again! What a trip, what an experience and what a beautiful daughter we were able to add to our family. Hope you enjoy our movie!

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