Jiangsu Province

275px-China_Jiangsu.svgJiangsu (Jung su) Province is located along the east coast of China. Jiangsu has over 620 miles of coastline along the Yellow Sea & the Yangtze River passes through it’s southern parts. Since economic reforms in 1978, Jiangsu has been a hot spot for economic development and is now one of China’s most prosperous provinces.

Jiangsu is very flat & low-lying. Plains cover 68% of it’s total area with water covering another 18%. Jiangsu is laced with a well-developed irrigation system “land of water”. The Grand Canal of China cuts through Jiangsu from north to south.

The province is warm/humid and has subtropical climate zones. Jiangsu has clear-cut seasonal changes with average 33º F in January to 86º F in July.  Population of Jiangsu is approximately 74 million with 1.2 million of that being in Jiangyin.

Meili is in the city of Jiangyin, which is in the Sounthern region of Jiangsu.  Jiangyin means “river shade” and is known for it’s Suspension Bridge.  The bridge spans the Yangtze and links the southern half of the province with the northern half.
On arrival to Jiangsu, we will be staying at the Mandarin Garden Hotel.  The hotel is in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu.
Nanjing is a prominent place in Chinese history and culture.  It served as the capital of China during several historical periods and is at the center of the famous Confucius Temple.