About Meili

Jiang Wen Hui

4 months old (April 2009)

Early morning of July 7, 2009 – Steve comes into the room, “It’s Lauren, she has a referral!”  “Already!”, I whispered.  We held our breath as we listen closely.  “We locked in a 6 month baby girl for you late last night….. (A BABY!!) …..do you want to review her file?”, Lauren continued.  YES!!  We ran down to the computer…all of us piled in front of the screen.  I explained quickly to the kids (mostly Leila), that the baby was going to have a “boo boo” on her lip..but it can be fixed, so don’t let it up-set you.  We clicked “Get Mail” once…emotions building…..then once more.  Finally up popped “Referral!”  We scrolled down to see a small, big eyed baby in a yellow jacket.  Tears swelling up….Leila said “look at her tiny hands!”  And in that moment we were once again the recipient’s of God’s grace…and began our journey to Meili and Meili to us!!

A baby girl was picked up at the gate of Children’s Hospital of Jiangyin City on December 17, 2008.  There was a note with her “DOB: Dec.17 2008″.  She was then sent to Jiangyin Children’s Welfare Institute where she was named Jiang Wenhui.  “Jiang” is from Jiangyin as the surname, and “Wenhui” means: we hope she will be an intelligent and wisdom girl.  On admission she was 6.6 lbs and 12.4 inches long with little strenght.

Wenhui was diagnosed with left cleft lip and palate III degree, and atrial septal heart defect. By her nannies, at 4 months of age, “her disposition is temperate. She has a pair of beautiful and bright eyes, long eyelashes, and pretty face. She is quick in reaction, and never makes a tearful scene. She can send out “yi-ya” tone. She is very clever.”

We have decided to keep our daughter’s given name. This is very important to us. Eventhough we feel we are bringing her to a better life of family, schooling & options…at the same time, we are also taking her from everything she knows and is. We don’t want to take her given name from her as well…she will keep it and carry it with her..it’s her story. We have decided to add “Meili” to the beginning of her name and this is what we will call her…sounds like ‘May Lee’. It means “beautiful inside and out” in Chinese. And she is beautiful to us!

Meili Jiang Wenhui Davenport


***Meili’s 1st Birthday party @ Jiangyin SWI***

江文慧生日照09-12-17 013

江文慧生日照09-12-17 008***Pearl (chewing on book) is behind Meili***