6 Months Went By Fast!

First let me apologize to both of our consistent readers (Just Kidding) for my lack of updating – I have been enormously busy with work and life – and keeping up with a very spicy little girl from east-central China. We just took Meili out on her first Trick-or-Treat experience and I believe we have added another fan of Halloween to our family. She was happy to be “Mini” Mouse and was quite a challenge to capture with the camera all night long…

Meili has now been with us for over 6 months and we are stilling unwrapping the silly layers of our precocious tanned wonder. So what have you learned, Mr. Adoptive Dad? – Glad you asked…

#1 – China appears to be the land of 11 (that one is for any Spinal Tap fans out there). We always laughed about the volume levels of our Chinese neighbors in that we could hear any family discussions when our windows were opened. Now I see that it appears to be a common character trait for Asian folks because Meili can flat raise the volume level in any room. Whether it is laughter or fussing, the tiniest body in the house produces the highest decibels!

#2 – The Asian squat appears to be in the DNA. It is so funny for us to find Meili squatting instead of sitting – her little body turns into a brown ball with a equal sized black ball on top. It is almost as if the practice is hard wired at birth!

#3 – We here in the United States have WAY to many tags on our clothes, toys, blankets and hats. Inexplicably, Meili is constantly disturbed by any and all tags discovered in the most odd places. Just a couple days ago I am looking for a shirt in the closet and behind me I hear loud “Ah, Ah, Ah” – I turn around to see Meili pointing her itty bitty finger toward the exposed tag hanging from one my t-shirts on the floor. As if the tag just might leap from the shirt and bite her on the toe – Meili is absolutely miffed at all the tags.

#4 – Meili LOVES her siblings! On Friday, Tracy had to take Meili up to school for some meetings as a tag-along. Afterwards, she was outside chatting with a friend when Tristan’s class began to walk past them. Meili immediately spotted Tristan and quickly approached with both twig-arms outstretched. Just as excited to see her, Tristan met Meili halfway and the two embraced in a warm hug that Meili did not want to end. It was precious to hear Tracy describe those little arms wrapped tightly around the neck of her big brother, Tristan.

#5 – Meili LOVES to eat!!! Anything but raw carrots and apples – everything else is happily consumed. I am beginning to wonder if she might have the metabolism of an olympic athlete because we have yet to put any chub on her little frame. In fact, if you are not quick enough to respond to the mini-person pointing dramatically at her open mouth, she will find her way to the only food in the house at her level – the dog dish. Yes, we have had to chase her away from the dog dish several times with bits of dog food in hand.

#6 – Take her outside as often as possible. No, we are not still talking about the dog – Meili LOVES to be outside, just like her Mom and sister. Her favorite thing to do outside is swing – and she could do it for hours, if allowed.

So I guess that is about all for now. Thanks for your continued support and good thoughts – we will try to be better with the updates! :)