Back to Reality

Well, we all rolled out of bed this morning long after the sun came up to discover our beach was gone and responsibilities await our slow moving attention. Vacation hangover is awful but at least we have a collection of photographs to bring back the crashing waves and blue sky in our minds.

Meili did very well on our first vacation as a family of six. We had to juggle sleeping arrangements a little to find a restful balance – it had been at least 2 weeks and 5 days since Tracy and I had a full night’s sleep in the same bed due to post surgery challenges. Meili ended up in her own room in a crib to give her the most quiet and fewest distractions – it seemed to work well for all of us. Unfortunately, the new environment and long travel sort of reverted Meili back to her more clingy days of China and the few weeks after our trip home. I felt bad for Tracy but as the great Mom that she is, there was never a complaint. Meili very rarely left her side and quite often demanded her complete attention – it would have bugged me greatly but Tracy possesses the incredible ability to grasp the bigger picture far better than I and delivered the assurances Meili needed to understand this western ritual of a beach vacation.

It took Meili a while but she eventually warmed to the experience and on our last day enjoyed scooping sand on Tracy as they both sat on the beach watching the final sunset. Meili really is a wonderful child with an endless desire to fit into our family. We are already looking forward to taking her to the beach again – let’s hope she is also looking forward to it! :)

Enjoy some more picture of Meili’s first vacation…

Meili warms to the sand on the beach. As long as she was sitting on a blanket, the beach was acceptable.

Snapped this in the condo while Meili was playing. Love those long eye lashes!

We visited our favorite place in Pensacola once again, the National Naval Aviation Museum (home of the Blue Angles). They have a great indoor playground that Meili finally jumped into after her brothers walked her into the mini aircraft carrier.

From an orphanage sitting under a steel grey sky to the arms of Mom on a sandy beach bathed in sunset warmth...just awesome!

If our other kids where not in plain site of Meili, she frantically scanned the beach until she found them. Tracy snapped this one - one of my favorites!

Meili really loved the hermit crabs we found on the beach.

How about those perfect sprigs of pony tails - like two black bursts of fireworks!

Meili loved the seaguls flying over the beach!

The new Davenports - our party of six enjoying a few final hours on the beach.