Meili avoids the beach!

It was a long day of driving but we finally arrived in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida! Even though our tired bodies were screaming to stay in bed, the rolling waves were calling from the beach so off we went, first thing in the morning, to see if Meili would like the sand. To our knowledge, Meili has never seen the beach or walked in sand. As we made our way across the sand, it was all smiles until Mom and Dad brought the vacation experiment to its ultimate conclusion. We slowly lowered Meili to the white sands of Florida and her natural instincts took over from there…

…and she turned into a cat facing a bath! Using all her tiny tummy muscles, she was able to keep her feet off the sands for quite a while. After some fussing and angry eyebrows she began to dig in the grainy surface and warmed to her first time on a beach.

More vacation to come – our first with Meili. :)