Happy Moon Festival & The Post Operation Check-Up

Our next door neighbors are from China and they own the local New China Buffet here in Woodstock, Ga. Yes, I know that is a random fact but it will make sense in a little bit. On Monday, we had an unexpected visitor ring our doorbell and much to my surprise, the son of our neighbor (who is a student at Georgia Tech – Go Tech!) was standing there with a lovely gift bag with Chinese writing all over it. Inside the bag was a Chinese Tin holding 4 scrumptious Moon Cakes! Knowing Meili had just come out of surgery, they took the time to bring us a very traditional Chinese gift in celebration of the Moon Festival. How incredibly thoughtful!

So, here on the evening of the Moon Festival, we took Meili out to Chinese at our neighbors restaurant to honor their gift to us and to celebrate her first Moon Cake with us. As you can see in the photos below, Meili LOVED the moon cake and continued eating until we had to take it away for fear of overstuffing our little Meili…

And now onto the post operation check-up – Meili had an appointment with her surgeon on Tuesday morning to check on the progress of her healing. We are happy to say things are progressing well! Everything looks pink up there and it looks like Meili will be able to get back to her favorite food by this weekend…french fries. :)

I was putting Meili to bed this evening and wanted to share another bit of the character of Meili. As you have seen in past postings, Meili has to wear braces on her arms to keep her little stick fingers from digging in the area of the surgery in her mouth. She has taken this crimp in her freedom with such grace that it continues to amaze me how sweet she really is. A couple times a day we take off the braces and allow her a small bit of relaxation from the persistent arm pointing. Inevitably we must put the braces back on and that is when the whimpering starts and the eyebrows turn down. However, without fail and without us asking, as we reach for those dreaded braces her little skinny arms rise into place. There sits Meili offering her frail limbs for confinement for another undetermined stretch of restriction. As with all her new experiences, she knows not if this is going to last for 2 more days or the rest of her life – yet she there she sits with outstretched arms. Amazing.

Good news for her is this will last just two more days! :)