How this plays out…..

This is a crash course in China adoption for those of you interested….this is how it basically plays out!

Two ways to adopt from China…Healthy Child & Waiting List

Healthy Child – currently is taking years..around 4 years & the wait can increase. If you go this way, you want a “healthy” child with no health conditions. Usually these are girls 0-18 months.

Waiting Child – these are children (mostly girls but also boys) with some condition or special need. Most of them are minor and are easily corrected. Some are already corrected before adoption takes place. These “conditions” can be: cleft lip, cleft palate, ear deformity, partial hearing loss, vision impairment, missing fingers, hemangioma, scars, birth marks, developmental delay, hepatitis B, growth delay, shorter limb, club feet……..most are corrected by surgery (some need no surgeries) and have no long term effect on the child. You pick the condition your family can take on. The wait for these children can be as short as a few months after paperwork is complete. You could be home with your child in about a year from start to finish!!

We are a Waiting Child family!! One week after completing our homestudy we got the referral for our daughter!

With a Waiting child: 1st you have your “paperchase” – which can take 1-6 months. (physcials, homestudy, interviews, documents (marriage lisence/birth certificates), background checks, fingerprints…) This is your Dossier!

Then you can receive referrals for a child. You can review files and decline/accept a referral. There is no limit to the number of times you can review files. If you decline a referral it usually takes another month or so before the next list of referrals come in.

After you accept a referral/file you will receive an EA (electronic approval).

Then will come your PA (pre-approval), usually can take about a month. The China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has pre-approved your intent to adopt. After this you have 3 months to get your dossier completed and to China. Some already will have theirs in China so it can be processed quickly.

It’s takes China about 2-6 months to review a dossier. After review you will receive your RA (referral approval)! This means China has approved you to adopt. At this time you are able to share photos of your little one and ask for updated info on your child (weight, height, how many teeth, new pictures…).

You will typically wait another 2-8 weeks for your FINAL step…..your TA (travel approval)!!!! Once you receive your TA, our family will travel to China usually in 2-4 weeks!!

You will spend 10-14 days in China visiting sites & finalizing your adoption!!!! China does not require you to return for a second trip (like some countries) after the adoption.

Right now (2009)…the tax credit for adoption is around $12,000. YEAH!!!

So that’s it……roughly…..hopefully you got that…….I’ll be quizing you later ;)