I think she might keep us ;)


So, time has flashed by since we landed on American soil with our newest Davenport member and……..I think she might keep us!! For the most part I think Meili has been very patient with her non-mandarin family.  We have such a journey to go with her but we’re off to a strong start….if we can just remember to stretch, breathe and drink plenty of water, we should be fine !! ;)

I’ll start with the small victories – Meili now will allow us to strap her into a car seat and stroller without any kicking & screaming (from her at least).  My (Tracy) left arm mostly thanks her.  Hopefully I will regain complete feeling in all fingers by Thanksgiving!!  Which leads me to our next conquered battle…Meili will now “let” Daddy hold her!!!!  One day I was running errands, (and Meili as the 4th child has slid into the routine of life whether she asked for it or not)  I noticed after buckling her into her carseat for the 3rd time (all in the span of about an hour), she glanced at me then quickly looked away and would not look back.  As I was driving home she finally turned to me with unresolved eyes……hhmmmmm?  When we arrived home she pushed up her shoulder, silencing saying, “I’m not so pleased with you” and turned to Corbin for rescuing from the car.  I let it go…Corbin was highly willing to be her Hero and cart her inside.

I used this moment of defiance to call for “DAD!!, she’s mad at me…..too much carseat…..see if she’ll go to you”…..yeppers!!!  That afternoon we all played in the backyard, Daddy getting to slide Meili and carry her around with content smiles!!!  I got a few more disses but after a few pushes on the swing – I was back in the circle of trust!  SShhheewww…..she’s a tough cookie!

What Meili does NOT like….Elvis!!  :(  Unfortunately our 90 lb German Shepherd is a bit too much to absorb.  I’m thinking we should of introduced her to a Clydesdale first!! :)  After a week of Elvis trying to steal a lick on the bottom of a dangling bare foot……Meili is O.K. with Elvis and the 2 ft. Rule…..as long as Elvis stays at least 2 feet away…Meili is O.K.!!!


Next week we have an appointment with the Cranial Specialist Team at Scottish Rite Hospital.  We’re hoping to finalize any surgeries this summer.

Until then we are settling into our…”Davenport, table for 6″ life!!