Woven together in a common cause…


One of the unexpected joys of this amazing trip to China has been the group of wonderful families we have been traveling with. There are 12 in all (including us), which is an unusually high number – from what we have been told. Each of us come to China with a different story to tell but all called to this unique rescue mission.

Some have been unable to conceive for years and resorted to adoption after all other options faded. Some, like us, have children already but yet felt called to open their homes to one more angel. And then there are those few who have older children leaving the nest empty and these precious oriental baby birds help rekindle the warmth of a crowded nest. Whatever our reasons or stories, there is an inexplicable bond created in the emotional experience of Chinese adoption that connects all our varied paths into a single silken rope of friendship.

Each day brings new opportunities to share our experiences and trials from the night before and further opportunities to relieve a new parents anxiety or a shoulder to cry on. This patchwork of a support group, thrown together in a challenging life moment, regularly delivers selfless advice and encouragement. We have walked an unpredictable path in unison – which connects us all for the rest of our lives.

The coming days will be our final together which brings mixed feelings – like the rest of our trip. We will miss the shared experience of exploring our new children together and we will miss the bond formed in a foreign land so far from home. Our strong silken rope is beginning to unwind as we all look towards home and the new life that awaits. It is so strange to be part of so large an adoptive community transplanted here in China – and each of these families are truly, deeply warm people.

We closed out this day in China with a dinner at “Lucy’s” – a good old fashioned cheeseburger shared with a room full of new friends. These final days are going fast. Anxious to get back to our kids and lives back in Georgia but a part of me is getting emotional seeing the final strands of our relational rope unravel. Our hope is that twelve strong strands will remain through the years to come so we can reconnect regularly and rekindle the warmth of these two weeks in China.

Thank you fellow travelers and Godspeed to each of you on your journeys home…