Trust and gratitude far from home


My wife Tracy met her best friend, Tracy Krohn (here on known as Tracy K), in a public speech class in college in 1994. Who would have know that friendship would blossom into a deep relationship and lifelong friendship that she greatly cherishes. When we discussed traveling to China in the early stages of our adoption journey, our current three children were always an important consideration in the center of our conversation. Would we take them or leave them behind? Selfishly, we felt it was imperative that they join us in our journey to Meili and set about preparing those plans. It soon became clear that the shear scale of the trip and costs where going to sink our plans before they even set sail. One tearful conversation late at night revealed to us both that this trip was more about a personal journey following a higher calling than a family trip and the hard decision to leave them behind soon became crystal clear. Without hesitation, we both knew who we would trust the safety and welfare of our children with and her name is Tracy Krohn.

Walking around the other families today in the park, I was overwhelmed with how thin of a tight rope we were balancing on in China. Everything we love and cherish is so far away at home and we are helpless to change that. Furthermore we must trust in our Chinese guides to walk us through a process that even done in English and America would be overwhelming at best – and we do not even know their Chinese names. We must trust that the crazy Chinese airports and planes will get our luggage and persons to where we need to go…safely. Down to the slick little Chinese 7-11 worker behind the counter, I must trust her that she is not slipping me fake currency while buying bottled water (because I do not trust the water). Trust is not optional if you have been called to adopt.

The tight rope got even thinner today as we passed the half-way point of our trip and began the upward trek toward the end. Foreign adoption involves more trust than this overly self-reliant family is comfortable with, I am not ashamed to say. But the circle of people who have stepped up to build our wall of protection around the family have been more that we could dream of. Tracy Krohn dropped everything going on in her life to spend two very challenging weeks dealing with our wonderful (but very busy) children – including a bit of crying here and there in our absence. Everything (my) Tracy and I have done is worthless and every possession we have acquired is useless but our children shine like the sun piercing a cloud of Beijing pollution in our lives. They are all that matters and we willing laid them into the arms of Tracy Krohn while we followed our calling.

So tonight, we are filled with gratitude, deep gratitude for all those who have assisted our journey (longer list to come) which is nearing its end. Tonight we are publicly thanking Tracy Krohn for wrapping her loving arms around the lonely hearts of our children while we must be away. But very soon, Corbin, Tristan and Leila we will be there to hug and kiss you goodnight. Very soon…