Just arrived in Nanjing


We literally just walked into our room at the Mandarin Garden Hotel in Nanjing, China. It was awesome passing under the ancient city walls that surround the old capital city as we snaked through the curving and busy streets. Nanjing is a world away from Beijing and we are excited to be here. We are only 2 hours away from ¬†leaving our hotel to make the 10 minute trek to the civil affairs office – where Meili is probably already there waiting for us. We shared a deep breath of emotion as we exited the airport into the damp air of Nanjing and looked across the distant horizon – suddenly realizing that Meili’s birth parents are somewhere in the vast expanse of farm land and old apartment buildings stretched before us like an industrial canvas. We could almost feel she was close and our journey was culminating into an unexpected force of feelings and emotions. It was probably watching the hotel staff gently push the crib into our room – reserved for two adults and one baby on the hotel registry – that brought us both to tears. There alone in a room some 6,000 miles away from home were two tired parents, an empty crib and a lifetime of moments and memories waiting to be signed off on by an obscure official in a storied city in one of the most culture rich lands in the world.


Our next update will be the introduction of Meili Jung Wenhui Davenport…