final hours

Alright…we are now down to one day before leaving!  I wish I could say I was packed…really I wish I could.  But I can say Meili is!!!  So at least we have her covered…literally :)

Our Visa’s and TA papers came today so I do have ALL paperwork finally together and ready to go.  I also managed to get together a notebook for Tracy to help keep our kids in order while we’re gone.  Knowing her, she’ll probably have it completely re-organized, by color, shape & size by the time we get back!!  :)  She’s good like that!  My kids are very excited about Ms. Tracy coming & having BaBa over some also.  Can only image how spoiled they will be in 2 weeks!!

Steve & I are going to have to find a way to “suck it up” and get on a plane without them…..they’ll be fine, having fun and we’ll be sobbing all the way to China.  But Meili is worth it and we couldn’t have a better reason to get on a plane…and our kids can’t wait to get Meili home!!  And we can’t either!!!