Feeling the Burn!!!

OK…we have known this day was coming and NOW we’re feeling the burn!!  Exhausted, Overwhelmed, Emotional, Scattered……did I say EXHAUSTED!!!  Steve & I both have list and list that have to get done NOW!!!

Steve has been going nonstop trying to get his work done before we leave.  He’s been working 14-16 hour days for over a month…sadly, I’m not kidding..and he still has a long, long list!  I’ve been washing clothes, paying bills, writing out directions to soccer fields/art classes/doctor offices, making a school calendar, planning meals….all in order to leave our 3 children in Georgia for 2 weeks.  OH..then Steve & I have to pack…which we’re NO where even close to doing!!

Today has been really, really, really hard…the realization of leaving our children for 2 weeks is hitting us hard!!  We’re trying to keep it together..we don’t have time to fall apart.  Plus just add all the stress of getting everything finished and together in less than a week!!!

Again…prayers appreciated!!