Updated Measurements!!

Today we received updated measurements on Meili!!

**Courtesy of Ann from RedThread**

  • 22 lbs
  • 31.1 inches long
  • 4.7 inches foot
  • 17.7 inches head
  • 17.7 inches chest

“Meili can not walk my herself yet but if an adult holds her hands then she can walk several steps.  She likes soft dolls or toys.”

****This is an update to the weight that we received from the orphanage….Meili was NOT 22 lbs on GOTCHA DAY. She was between 15-16 lbs. So, just take the weight and measurements given with a grain of salt…they might be correct or they may NOT. I don’t think the orphanage even weighed her…I think they just guessed. But still quite a difference when speaking of an infant.  After loving on Meili for 5 days and feeding her non-stop….She LOVES eggs….Meili weighed 16.6 lbs at her medical.****