Surgery Day :(

Well, we successfully kept Meili up till about midnight last night in an effort to close the gap between when she wakes up and when she is due at the hospital. We found out yesterday that she has a 3:15pm scheduled surgery start time and as you probably know, no food after midnight the day before surgery. Ouch! So we knew we had to find a way to manage Meili’s ravenious appetite and keeping her up late with an 11pm snack was one idea. The other is Jello for a late breakfast…all you can eat! :)

As I mentioned above, we are due to check into Children’s Healthcare by noon with a scheduled start of surgery for 3:15pm. If you have ever had an afternoon doctor’s appointment, you well know that it will never be on time so we are expecting things to be running late.

Tracy and I continue to avoid eye contact and discussions of the surgery. It’s a coping mechanism – it ain’t perfect but it keeps us from melting down in front of the kids. We are currently counting down the minutes till we have to load up the car and head out. Isn’t strange how time seems to speed up for stuff you don’t want to do?

In contrast to our listless sleep last night, Meili appears to have sawed some heavy logs! As we were spending time together last night, Mom delivered a special treat in the form of toe and finger nail painting. Both girls where totally excited about it – very little makes Meili happier than girly-girl stuff like dressing up and doing her nails. There we were, just Meili and I marveling at the skill of Mom’s gentle hand to be able to apply polish to so small a surface as those tiny toes. I broke the silence with a question I wasn’t sure she would understand.

“Do you know where we are going tomorrow?”

I didn’t want the trip to be an enormous shock to her system so I thought I would try to touch the subject in a place of safety and comfort. Meili has a limited spoken vocabulary but understands everything. She is a very bright little girl. With a vigorous nod of her head, she indicated she knew what was happening.


She turned and looked at me like she was wondering where I had been for the last week…


One of the things that touches me most about Meili is that somewhere deep in her is a clear understanding that her path is destined to be a hard climb uphill for the rest of her life. She gets it. Sitting on crinkly paper on the examination table of another doctor doesn’t produce the anxiety it does for the rest of us. She realizes that a regular life for her looks a lot different than it does for us and yet her spirit still radiates love and passion at unbelievable levels.

And so begins another trip to the hospital where our precious Meili will be slipped into the care of another group of medical professionals. Never does she kick or scream. With a resolute heart she turns that 3-year old frame into the winds once again and shows us that strength has nothing to do with muscles.

Looking forward to bringing you home, again…