A Blossoming Spirit

Well, it has been too long since our last update! Life has been pretty busy since Christmas and we will try to get some picture up from the holidays.

It has been wonderful watching Meili get comfortable in her new surroundings. She has a devious streak wrapped in silliness that comes out all the time! Sometimes she will sidle up to the couch while Tracy and I are sitting there and every so slowly turn her head toward us. With a half smile sprinkled across her face, and cutting her eyes at us, she begins to laugh all on her own – like the joy is too much to contain. Just take a look at the pictures below, taken in sequential order to witness the many moods of Meili…

We have almost been home a year with her and the transformation has been astonishing to witness. That quiet little orphan has grown into the fun loving and loved child (with a seriously over indulgent family) she should have always been. She laughs, she cries, she grabs, she bites and she even gives me goodnight kisses (like a butterfly tickling my lips) – she is as normal a child as she can be! In fact, if you can catch her in the right mood, she is terribly ticklish. One thing that makes her laugh from deep in her belly is when I swoop her up in my arms, lean her back and kiss her little neck as fast as possible. Her laugh is infectious and soon arrests all other activity in the house.

Another unexpected discovery for us has been the intelligence of Meili. One would think being the daughter of uneducated peasants that intelligence might be something earned rather than given. Nothing has been further from the truth! Meili is incredibly smart and a fast learner. Tracy was just sharing a story with me about Meili that I will share with you – the other day Tracy was taking Meili to pick up Leila from school. However, on this day, a trip to the bank would interrupt the normal course and Meili was ready to alert Tracy to her driving error. You would think Meili would be busy thinking little girl thoughts but she was prepared to raise her voice and point at the turn, now passed, to retrieve her big sister. These stories happen every day and are constant reminders of how special Meili is!

We recently returned from another fun (and extremely tiring) trip to Disney World. The pictures above and below were taken while we were down there. Meili greatly enjoyed the trip and was extremely patient with us.

She very much enjoyed meeting Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and many other characters from the Disney movies. But the special meeting she was waiting for was Mickey Mouse – surprisingly enough, her sheets at the orphanage were covered in Mickey and Minnie Mouse! There were plenty of Disney toys and books in the orphanage so Meili was very familiar with the famous mouse. But actually meeting him in person must have been amazing for her – it was special to watch her slowly and cautiously approach the huge mouse with tiny hand outstretched. Meili loved to rub the fuzzy costumes and Mickey was no exception and of course he also got a special little hug.

Little did that cast member know the journey Meili traveled to meet the one thing she saw every night before closing her eyes in sleep.